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I was diagnosed in 2000 with MS and was fortunate enough to be only slightly impaired ~ enough to justify almost complete denial for the last 10 years!  ~ but the slow creep of weak legs, numb hands and fatigue has begun to catch up.

I began writing this blog in late 2009 and then fell into the abyss of life for the next 12 months. I’ve started writing again as I find it personally very cathartic. I have been surprised and humbled by the wonderful reaction to the blog and I thank everyone for their support and encouragement!

P.S. I’ve been asked where this picture is taken ~ Elizabeth took it of me at the Tasman Sea in Tasmania in December of 2007.

6 thoughts on “About Erika

  1. Erika… I’m so glad we reconnected today, you sound marvelous! I’m looking forward to staying in touch and particularly in reading your blog! You are as funny and brilliant as I remembered!

  2. My dear Erika, I’m so sorry to learn about your MS. You contracted it just about the time we fled from behind the Orange Curtain when I lost nearly all contact with friends in the audio biz. Your writing is delightful & witty…it brings back fond memories of working at QSC! Oh, God, remember the bloody pedicure? I just had a flashback!

    Hang in there, sistah…I’m pulling for you!

    • Hi Laurel! So nice to hear from you. How is your family? I remember you in my mind as pregnant, so kids must be in college by now : – 0?

      I have not forgotten the pedicure…I sometimes wonder if that’s the reason you left the audio business altogether. I fear I scared you off with a fungal toe infection.

      Thanks so much for the note ~ I hope you are well!!!

  3. Hi Erica,

    I’m a complete stranger who has been reading your blog this morning and just crying (literally). THIS is what I needed to read! I was diagnosed with CIS with a high risk of conversion on July 5, 2011 and I am terrified! I am in desperate need of a Yoda with a bright spirit and I’d love to stay in touch with you. Can I keep in touch by e-mail? Please let me know. Thanks so much – you brightened my day!

    Angela (Toronto, Canada)

  4. Hello Erika ! I found you !
    It was a pleasure sharing the ride with you to Burbank ! You are bright, and brilliant, and I am so glad I met you.

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