Aimless Confetti

It’s odd being unemployed. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working forever and loving most of it. Now my days are mainly my own and I feel pretty aimless most of the time. No alarm clocks. No scheduled trips. No trade shows. No conference calls. No proposals due. No employee reviews, expense reports or client dinners.

Despite having nothing to do, I seem to be constantly busy. There’re friends to keep in touch with, doctors appointments, volunteering, keeping the cats amused, books to read, wedding stuff, bills to pay, naps to take, errands to run…the list goes on. Good lord, how did I ever keep all this shit straight with a full time job?!

And there’s time to ruminate. I’ve obviously been thinking a lot about my past, and the open ended book which is my future. I’ve done so much already and learned so many things…and my take away is that I have so much more to do and learn. I’m relishing the fun times, the mistakes made, the chances taken and the consequences of it all. I just turned 55 last week, and I feel that rather than I’m turning a page or starting a new chapter, I’m starting a whole new book.

I like to think that I have a blank canvas, but that’s naive. All the things that make me who I am are the basis of the book – the spine, the type of paper, even the font are already ingrained as I begin. The groundwork of my life is fantastic. Friends, family, experiences ~ what a way to start! I herald it all and throw confetti in celebration and accolades to a life so far well lived.

So armed with love, support and humor, I head into the next phase of being me. Aimless maybe, but with a continuing sense of wonder, and confetti in hand.

3 thoughts on “Aimless Confetti

  1. Erika… I must confess it’s been a while since I visited here. I let life sort of suck me along and a lot of fun stuff seems to have fallen to the wayside. I’m fixing that.

    Really enjoyed catching up with you and can’t wait to read the first drafts of that book. You will be posting some sort of “rushes” here won’t you?

    Bon chance young lady.

  2. Hi Erika,

    I found your blog today. I’m so I stumbled across it … say a post on the MS website that had your blog link … anyway, I was recently diagnosed with MS at a late age, I’m 58. I’ll be following your blog now and I think I might share it with a few friends 🙂

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