Ready, Set…..

It appears my SSDI has been approved! Yay! I am so relieved! The letter showed up yesterday, along with a very official findings report (all findings favorable – love that word – favorable).

Thanks to all my friends and family for the mental, emotional and financial support during this long process. I am grateful and humbled every day by the wonderful people in my life.

Oh, and one of the official findings? Even in government speak, it seems I’m long in the tooth. Sigh.

One thought on “Ready, Set…..

  1. Wow Erika-seems we have a ton in common! Congrats on your SSDI finding- I am going through that now. I started writing because if I didn’t laugh I would EXPLODE with frustration! Example- my recent SSDI letter says they understand that I probably couldn’t do a job where I need to walk, talk, think, sit, stand, crawl, crouch or any other possible thing but that they are sure I could find a job doing something. So I called and asked what that something was and they told me they didn’t know- I would have to figure that out. See what I mean? That is either hysterical or depressing-I’m going with hysterical!
    Kudos to you on all yoru great work here! Keep laughing and I hope you are feeling great.

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