All rise…..

I’m not really even sure how to write this post. Me, tongue tied? Mark the date! I’m sure I’ll warm up as I go along.

What has me stunned into speechlessness? Well…here’s the deal: I’m being investigated by the Fed for SSDI fraud. I’ve never collected a penny. I’ve been diagnosed with MS for over 10 years. I’ve paid into the system for almost 40 years.¬†Incontinence, exhaustion,¬†spasticity, Botox injections, MRIs, daily subcutaneous injections, a walker, a cane, a scooter (yes, I bought one!), this blog….all viewed I guess as one very fancy and complex charade so I can bilk the system and get a whopping 25% of the amount of money I used to regularly earn.

According to the investigative report, someone saw me walking unaided to my car. Yup. There’s more, but that’s the gist of it. Everyone who has any experience with MS at all, knows that on those precious days when one can walk? One walks!

There is more to come, and faithful readers I will update as I can. Understandably, I’m a little freaked about being spied on, stalked, investigated and researched. Perhaps my next stop is Federal prison – at least I’ll have 3 squares, a bed and medical insurance!


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