Get those dogies moving!

Ok, I have been one remiss and crummy blogger. Here it is mid-November and I’m just checking in. In my defense, there has been a lot going on! Starting in Tubac post the lizard debacle…

1. I got the house in Tubac cleaned up, organized and ready to rent with the help of my fabulous sister Lisa who came down from Seattle for a few days. I know I keep saying this, but she IS the best sister ever (Anna and Liza will disagree because they each have a pretty great sister, too). My property management friend Candace managed to get the place rented from Dec РMay, so that is a huge load off my mind. It is also listed for sale if anyone is interested in a desert paradise hideaway.

2. Cleo went in for the final nap. Liza swears she’s going to haunt me. If I’d had the money, I would have taken her to the taxidermist and had her stuffed and given her to Liza (it WAS HER CAT!) for Christmas. Anyways, a few days after I moved back to California, I saw the old, nasty, mean ass, feral cat we call Cujo that beats up the neighborhood cats out on the deck. I was surprised it was still around and called Liza with the news. “Oh my gosh! Guess who I just saw out on the deck?” Her response….”Cleo!?”.

3. I had to say goodbye to some of the best friends I’ve ever had in my life. These marvelous friends threw a typical good old fashioned pot luck with delicious food and wine and going away presents, including some much needed gas money (as I’ve said, it’s gotten tough), and a beautiful little day of the dead statuette. My friend Nan gave me a little picture of some darling black cats ~ with some chagrin after I told her about Cleo’s impending demise. Needless to say, this tough old bird cried and cried. I love my Tubac gang!

4. I loaded up Liza’s car (we swapped last time I was in LA) and said goodbye to my 18 months of pure joy in Arizona. Next up! Back in California : – )

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