Backwards in High Heels

Ginger Rogers, the New York Dolls, The Impossible Art of Being Female… all spring to mind when conjuring up the image of walking backwards in high heels.

So what can this possibly have to do with me? I haven’t slipped on a pair of shoes with anything higher than a zero % rise in years (and boy how I miss wearing those fabulous stiletto pumps I used to parade around in without a thought).

Today was much like any other day. I got up, made some coffee, powered up the computer, went to the post office and dropped into the gym for a light workout. Then things went a little awry. My workout was anything but difficult, and only vaguely satisfying at best. Once I got back into the house however, I started losing my balance and instinctively taking steps backwards to regain a point of center. Now this whole afternoon I’ve been sashaying backwards and it is the oddest feeling ever.

I’m not sure what little spring has sprung in my brain, but if this keeps up I’ll be auditioning for a dance partner very soon!

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