Trials and Tribulations

There isn’t anyone, anywhere that would argue that swimming and pool exercises are probably good for someone with MS. The gentle support of the water, the cooling effect on a hot day, all the ducks are in a row. I discovered something though ~ I don’t really like being in the water.

There are several reasons. If I even so much at put my toe in the water, I get water in my ears for 12 hours which is extremely annoying.  Since I can’t work out like the old days; am turning 54 in a few weeks; and have no plans to give up wine, my body doesn’t look so hot in a bathing suit anymore. I don’t like squeezing my substantial bits into some tight rouched (read slimming) slice of spandex. And then there is the hideous sensation of peeling the thing off post swim ~ yuck.

Also high on the list is the whole shaving thing. I’ve never actually met a woman who enjoys shaving, but it is another one of those seemingly no brainer tasks that becomes quite challenging with MS.

I assume I can thank my Scandinavian heritage for the fact that I am pelted like Sasquatch. The fact that I am single and unemployed, precludes the outlay of cash for waxing. The nether regions are safe from view with the exception of the rare occasion when I actually do don the tortuous bathing suit, and of course I live in shorts because I live in the desert. Consequently, I need to tackle the project of shaving at least once per week.

Oh sure, big deal. Lather up, scrape it off, have a Pepsi. Not so. I’m constantly thinking up clever ways to get the task accomplished. I swing one leg up and hang on to the shower bar with a death grip until I start to fall over. I just lean down like the old days and get so dizzy I think I’m going to pass out. I sit on the toilet and put a towel down on the floor. The best practice seems to be to go outside (this is when I’m thankful it’s a zillion degrees here), pull up a chair, a razor, some cream and the garden hose. Oh sure, the cold water sends my legs into fits of spasticity, but the net result is doubled: freshly shaven legs and a freshly watered garden.

Now, that is multitasking!

6 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations

  1. You know, I felt the same way for a long time, and when I got a seizure disorder – I was like, “Swimming? Are you freakin kidding me?” But then I got a Lands End catalog that was chock full of swim dresses and moved into an apartment complex that had a pool that was literally 10 steps away from my apartment’s front door.

    So, 1 swim dress (gotten on sale from Victoria’s Secret’s online clearance sale, believe it or not – tres sexy and no scary hair for anyone to see down there!) and a lack of neighbors in the pool at around 11 am (Everyone’s at work!) and I’m not so afraid of the idea of swimming as long as my husband’s around. 🙂

    Hair be darned! Swimming can be fun sometimes. It doesn’t have to be a shameful thing.

    • Hi Rae

      I’m not ashamed girl (obviously ~ read this blog!). I just don’t like getting wet. I’m so glad it is working for you though ~ we all need to find some kind of exercise that works for us ~ and swimming is a good one! Bravo for you in your hot VS bathing suit : – )

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