Holy Mackerel

It took me over a week, but with the help of a new friend I was able to change my blog tag line to read “54 year old Erika…” Holy mackerel ~ 54? How on earth did that happen? I contemplated making myself a mackerel cake, but fortunately went to visit the family and got a slice of the legendary Hagberg Birthday Cake instead.

Mom started making this cake when we were kids. It has been served at every Hagberg birthday since probably the 1960s ~ except at my house. I just never got into making it ~ not that I didn’t like chocolate enhanced whipped cream with dark chocolate nuggets swirled throughout a chocolate cake. Quite the contrary. I just never thought about it.

I have been ribbed, teased and vaguely tormented by children, siblings, my mother, friends, and even my ex-husband for not trotting out the HBC over the years. I’m considered a renegade traitor to the family legacy. Honestly, it’s just a cake! But not so. It’s more a tradition of our love of food, humor and one another that I’ve been rejecting.

In retrospect, having denied by children the annual HBC, I guess I don’t deserve HBC or even a mackerel cake, I deserve to just eat some cake made out of crow.


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