Stop, thief!

My friend Ana came over tonight to have some wine and catch up. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and we spent a lovely evening together chatting about business, spirituality, food and all kinds of wonderful things that heartfelt friends talk about.

We were sitting outside on my patio as the weather was perfect. As the evening was winding down, she grabbed her purse and set it beside her chair. The courtyard gate was open, and my cats were having the best time just chasing moths and bugs and things. Now, Clark has this thing for purses. He gets into this caressing thing with them that I’ve never quite understood…like his long lost ancestors are buried within the folds and pockets of their souls.

It doesn’t matter if they’re red, vinyl, green, black, leather, cloth or leopard skin…he just likes purses. So as we’re winding up the night, I say to Ana, “oh dear, he’s falling in love with your purse, too.” Just then he leaps up with the purse (I think in his mouth) and heads out like a bat out of hell out into the night. As we watch, stunned, he makes 3 circles outside the wall, eventually landing at my feet with the bag in tow. I’m laughing my ass off, Ana is confused. He mangles the bag inside and I realize the strap is around his neck and he is caught! Poor baby, I release him and the bag. He scuttles off in deep embarrassment (as I write this he is still in hiding).

Ana and I are laughing at this spectacle we’ve witnessed as she prepares to leave. She looks for her keys…uh oh…no can find. On a hunch, I grab a flashlight and strewn outside in the gravel and the walkway are not only her keys, but a hair clip, her sunglasses, 2 lip glosses, a pen and her checkbook.

The vision of my cat racing around in circles with a big silver handbag around his neck in the dark of my complex strewing in his wake keys, lipstick, check books and hair clips is just too much for me. I am trying so hard right now to stop my giggling which is obviously SO embarrassing to my boy..but it is just too much. I am going to make some tea and act as nonchalant as I possibly can.

Deep breath….ha ha ha ha HA HA HA!

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