And the Verdict Is In……

Well I got some good news today. Turns out that despite the MS diagnosis, the baclofen, the 3 day naps, the walker, the hirple, the walking stick, the solu-medrol infusion, the hand numbness, the scooter, the endless Dr appointments, the tripping, and the exhaustion, according to the US government I am not disabled after all. Whew! What a relief!

In spite of receiving this happy missive this morning in the mail, it prompted somewhat of a mini-melt down on my part. Fair enough, I think. There went Plan A out the window and for the first time I felt hopeless, frustrated and quite frankly, afraid. Egad, now what!?

I will sort this out. It will take time, patience, perseverance, smarts and not a little cunning. I need to let the state of Arizona know ~ maybe they’ll take me off their disabled list since Uncle Sam says it isn’t so? A little unemployment aid would come in handy right now….

In the meantime, now that I am able, I think I am going to go for a run. Or wait….maybe just a hirple with my walker instead.

2 thoughts on “And the Verdict Is In……

  1. Oh eeka, I’m so sorry you got this news. What a screwed-up decision. A mini-meltdown doesn’t seem adequate somehow. I know you will sort this out because you are without a doubt one of the strongest and most capable people I know but, gee, it would be nice to take an occasional break from all that capability. You take good care – we love you xoxoxo – D.

  2. I don’t know whether this helps, but we just went through this with our son who had been diagnosed as disabled since 1987. Social Security took him off the list, like you, and with the help of an experienced lawyer in Indianapolis, and after several months of expert written testimony, Social Security reversed their stand. Without a hearing, our son has been re-instated as “disabled.” His disability was related to a head injury that occurred in 1987 and the experts who analyzed his history and recent tests gave strong written statements concluding that persons with his type of injury do not recover. Lawyers are not free, however. Good luck on your case.

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