Not sure if it’s post holiday blahs or what, but feeling a general sense of malaise and ennui the last few days. Perhaps I’m still just gnashing my teeth over the feeling of violation by Dr. S. Per his request, I had the reports of my last first and last MRIs (2002 and 2008) sent over to him, so we’ll wait and see what my verdict is.

I’ve been spending my time doing some writing for a couple of web sites and making felt creations to sell at my friend’s studio. Anna made a bunch of money over the holidays, so I’m stealing her ideas and creating ¬†headbands with little felt flower designs on them. I made $40 in one day, so I think we’re on to something here.

One lady bought a headband with a cat design on it and then requested one with a horse head on it. Oh, shit. A horse head? Really? I sent that request over to Anna and she came up with the most fabulous design. I showed that to another woman, who then said, “Oh I love it! Can she make me a cow? I’ll take 10 of them.”

So California can throw me under the bus, Arizona can kick me to the curb why they decide what to do with me, SSD can wind me up and send me in circles ~ but damn it ~ I’ll show them all up and survive by living on felt cow headbands.

2 thoughts on “Moo!

  1. You go, girl! I am not sure why a cow would want to wear a headband, but whatever works. Your Dad had a couple of these low spots, but he never for one minute thought that he wouldn’t be able to figure out a way. That’s why he started HCC and salvaged our retirement. If he had stayed with F.P. Lathrop and the “never-never” plan, who knows where I would be living now….in a cubby hole in your condo, maybe? Doors open and you have inherited the guts to walk through them. I am filled with admiration for that spirit! I love you…..

  2. I hope that horse head lady doesn’t wear the horse headband to bed. I see visions of The Godfather and it’s scary!

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