I’ve been on many dates over the past few years ~ blind dates, internet dates, dating services, I’ve tried lots of things. One thing though, continues to elude me. When do you pop the old “Oh, did I forget to mention on my profile that I have Multiple Sclerosis? Oops! Ha ha!”

At what point are you 1) being deceptive 2) giving out too much information 3) Letting MS define you 4) ad infinitum

SWF; 52 years young; love all outdoor activities including sitting, looking, smiling, viewing. Recently gave up hiking, skiing, walking, running, surfing and long walks on the beach.

I used to look great in heels and a gown, but can only be comfortable now in jeans and a t-shirt!

I always like the a part about the long walk and then snuggling in front of of a fire. Right. Here’s the MS version of that activity:

You and your date park at the beach, far away from the sand. You take 2 chairs, a cooler, a blanket, a book and some sunscreen. You struggle across the sand dunes while the items you are designated to carry slip through your fingers which are numb due to neuropathy. Every few feet you stop for a quick rest and reconnaissance of the items you’ve dropped. “Coming sweetums!” you sing out.

You reach a quiet spot to settle down. Your legs are burning, your head is swimming, you’re so hot your limbs feel like they’re connected by silly putty. Your eyes might do that little flicker thing that mine do that make me think that is what a lizards eye must see. “Isn’t this fun?!” Oh yes!

As you settle in, your date suggests taking off your shorts and tank top and sitting in your suit. Hmm…how to explain the body riddled with dents from your injection sites? “Oh these!? Nothing. I was in a tiny fender bender 365 days last year”. You mumble something about sensitive skin and move on.

You make it through the day, and now it’s time for the long walk, then the snuggle. All day in the sun, you’re now walking like the love child of Frankenstein and Gumby. “Golly, the sun has made me tired, can we just head up to the house?”. Bullet dodged.

Fast forward to the couch. You’re beat from sitting in the sun all day. You’re exhausted from walking in the sand. Let’s start the fire! Let’s have some wine! Great. A glass of wine is SO what you need, but not combined with more heat and the need to be effervescent and charming. Drat!

This might be the time to spill the news. Or, come to think of it, if you haven’t had the urge to confess yet, then chances are this guy isn’t worth.  Go home, pour a big drink, snuggle up, and drop into a long, reinvigorating sleep.

October 26, 2009

La Crescenta, CA